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You can stay mindful in an airport

Airports are stressful, and can bring a lot of negativity and anxiety towards us. It is hard not to stress over how long the line at security will make us miss our plane, if there will be any inexplicable issue with our reservation, if we will have enough battery or if customs might make us lose our connection, and therefore our luggage will get lost.

We hope that you are not obsessive as we are when it comes to travelling, but if you are, you know that the anxiety that can bring you just thinking about everything that you need to do at your destination, mixes with all those negative thoughts the moment we get to the airport.

In order to preserve not only your calm, but your mental health, we want to share some knowledge and experience managing our own person in these situations thanks to practicing mindfulness.

Yes, even at an airport. Yes, even in a large one, and even if you are not in the VIP area. It doesn’t matter, you can always take control of your thoughts and your mind and your energy.

Here is how we do it.

  1. Accept where you are and your situation.

Yes, you are at the airport, and yes, there are many things in this activity that you really can’t control, and that is OK. Come to peace with that and simply let it go. Essentially is all about not obsessing over a known fact that you have no power about.

  1. Control your breathing.

Focus on the things you can control, the most important and the first you should think about always being your breathing. Control the rhythm, the intensity and the peace it transmits you.

Take the time to bring your full attention to your breathing and remove it for all those many thoughts and simply enjoy the results.

  1. Let things happen.

As we were saying before, there is really no point on obsessing over controlling a situation that is totally out of our hands. So really the key is all about just going with the flow of how things happen, and not let frustration, or rush control our mind.

If your plane is delayed, overbooked, or cancelled, focus on finding the solution instead of letting the problem consume your energy.

  1. This too shall pass.

Yes, problems happen, unexpected situations occur, and yet you really cannot control many of them. But you can stay positive and know that sooner or later the solution arises and things (appointments, bosses, clients and holidays) adapt to those things that simply happen.

So trust that if you remain calm, focused on what is in your hands, and cool, the universe will work and bring you some kind of answer, because we can definitely guarantee you, you are not going to be at the airport forever.

That is why, on your next trip, we recommend you some good music, a great book, and a few minutes to set yourself aside and breath. Listen to yourself and know that everything is going to be alright and that there is no need to always “be prepared for the worst” when you really can’t control the situation at all.

Instead, keep that energy and power for fighting those situations where you can directly affect the outcome. Otherwise, just enjoy the trip until you finally get to your destination.