You can change your team mood You can change your team mood

You can change your team mood!

You can change your team mood

Is your team in a bad mood?

Do you ever find yourself in a team meeting and everyone seems to be critical or cranky or the opposite of creative? When no matter what you do, someone is unhappy or tuned out? You can change your team mood!

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are ways to get prompt changes to the dark cloud over your team.

  1. Recognize a job well done

Why should I recognize people for doing their jobs? Isn’t that why they get paid? This, unfortunately, is the response that a lot of managers and HR pros get when they propose recognition programs at their companies.

But recognition is hugely important. It helps create an emotional connection between employer and employee and fulfils our basic needs of esteem and belonging within a group.

  1. Smile more frequently

    According to the latest neuroscience, smiling improves your own mood, because it tells your brain that you’re happy, even when your thoughts are grim. More important, research shows that leaders who smile more often are more successful than those who don’t.

  1. Call on the team to do something different

When you are blocked on an issue, especially if it’s at the end of the day, sometimes it’s good to put it off until you’ve slept on it, particularly if you are meeting again the next day. Sometimes, sleeping on an issue gives new perspectives. Also, ask the team what issue, if solved, would most clear the path for solving other issues. When we are stressed, solving or getting some progress on the most stressful issue can be really helpful.

  1. Make work/life balance a priority

The concept of work/life balance has become a priority for many workplaces. Team members need to have a clear understanding that you value them as a loyal employee and as a person who has a life outside of work that is just as important.

Make it known that work/life balance is a priority by offering work-from-home Fridays, unlimited vacation days, discounts on surrounding health and wellness programs, or childcare options. Offering incentives that improve a team member’s overall quality of life show that you care about their wellbeing.

  1. Hire happy personalities

A happy work environment attracts good people and in turn, promotes a culture of productivity and accountability. So, it’s important to create a happy workplace to get a person that brings laughter to the workplace and will improve productivity and motivation for the whole office as that happy, optimistic outlook is contagious.

Happy people create a happy company culture, so it’s important to take the time to study facial expressions, responses and genuineness when interviewing potential candidates. These are the people who will make your workplace happier.

Incorporate these ideas into your workplace and report back with the results!