You can be even more productive working from home You can be even more productive working from home

You can be even more productive working from home

You can be even more productive working from home

We are sure you are already aware of the huge tendency that is growing in the job market for remote job positions.

You might even be part of a company that is starting to adapt, and considering joining remote members to their teams.

It is definitely easy to be attracted by the idea of the working from home. The freedom, the commodity of zero commuting time and the flexibility are great reasons to consider joining the remote work tribe.

To do so you don’t have to quit your current job, you can always pitch the idea to your boss and present the multiple positives sides that new arrangement would have for them.

Because yes, working from home would be good for you as the employee, but it is also proven to be work for the companies. Many offices are still struggling adapting to new ideas, but it is a fact that can be easily shown and proven.

You can be even more productive working from home

What do companies win with remote employees?

Companies benefit from this new situation in many ways. They save in spaces and in many cases materials, as people working from home are not occupying a desk, neither are they using your computers or any other electronics.

Yes, there is still an IT investment to guarantee employees the tools they need, but in a day-to-day bases it can still be more beneficial for the company.

It is true that the majority of the homebound stuffers are self-employed, but still there is a growing remote employees community that is growing, and why? Because remote workers have proven to be 12% more productive than people at the office. This statement is based on a Stanford University Study that went through 13,000 employees over 9 months.

What makes a remote employee more productive?

Apparently, the freedom to organized their schedule, allows people to squeeze in more tasks to cover through the day, and by working from home, they avoid many classic office distractions. Remote employees value their time highly and are highly organized, which means that they know exactly what needs to be done every day and want it done as soon as possible. Also and the fact that they are not right there sitting at the office next to their boss or other colleagues, forces them to make individual decisions, and therefore get things done more effectively instead of constantly stopping things to check with everyone if that is the right move to do.

What it takes to be working from home

Nevertheless, if you decide to propose this idea to your boss, remember that remote working brings along a series of strong commitments.

You will have to be always accessible to meet online or available on the phone during your work hours, which can be tricky if you are not on the same time schedule the rest of your team is.

Also connectivity is a must, so assume that your service and Internet connection must be excellent to make sure you don’t interrupt your team’s work or difficult the communication.

When explaining your boss the advantages of avoiding the office distractions by working from home, remember that you should be able to prove that you don’t give in your home distractions. Kids, books, constant visits and interruptions… If you commit to this new position, you would need to adapt to it and rearrange your home life and organize it based on your new work schedule.

Working from home is working just as hard (or even more) but with some advantages. Make sure that you can prove that you know how to make it happen and give great results to yourself and your company.