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Welcome to INLEA!

Hello friends!

Hello friends!

After several months of working hard on our new brand corporate image and website…. We are here!!

As we grow as a company, we needed to adapt our image to this new time with a sleek, minimalistic contemporary design.

We will be doing our job as intensive and efficiently as always, looking for the best human resources around the world to fulfill interesting and challenging positions in Marketing, IT, Sales and Training as well as managing projects worldwide, and now our website and corporate image represents how we do things: clear, smooth and easily.

As you can see, our new website has several sections, we would like to introduce our career opportunities area, a useful tool for us and potential employees that provides a really quick and easy way to apply to any of our open positions. You can see all our open positions here.

One of our favorite parts is the one you are visiting right now: the “What’s on” section, our blog where we will be sharing the latest news in tech and IT, stories regarding the projects that our worldwide team are currently working on as well as the projects we have successfully worked on. Don’t hesitate to share information you would like you would like to see posted here and leave us comments with your thoughts!

The purpose of all the hard work we have put into creating this website is to make it easy for you to communicate with us, if you are one or our clients or one of our team members, now we have this new communication channel! And if you are thinking to join us in one sense or another, welcome! We are happy to see you here!

We will also be launching and building new communities on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, so go ahead and follow us to keep up to date with the latest news and trends as well as what our team members are up to around the world.

We are so excited that you are part of this!