Tips to be productive working from home Tips to be productive working from home

Tips to be productive working from home

Tips to be productive working from home

Are you one of the lucky people that get to develop their professional career and still have the freedom to work from home? Congratulations, remote working is a great thing given by technology, and you are lucky and talented enough to make it.  Tips to be productive working from home.

But also, if you are working from home, or if you are planning to jump on a remote job, you should know already that working remotely does brings it own problems.

Sure you avoid the office hours, being attached to one city, or everyday traffic to go to work. But also working from home means you have to be very organized, constant and disciplined amongst other things.

To make sure we give our best performance as professionals, we need to recognize the difficulties attached to work remotely and tackle them down soon so we create a good and healthy working routine, no matter where you are or what is your schedule.

Tips to be productive working from home.

So here are some great tips to guarantee your productivity working from home.

Tips to be productive working from home

  1. You are working from home, but you should still prepare to go to work

What does this means? Well, when we go to the office we have some time to get our mind set on the work mode, we get dressed, we care about how we look or choose or clothes according to the activities we have that day.

Having a routine, eating, shower, getting ready and dress like we are going to work, helps us getting our mind ready and focused on work activity.

  1. Create your own office space

No matter if you work from home, from a coffee place or a co-working space, make sure you create a work area, a space that hold everything that you need while you are working. It is very important as well that it’s clean and not cluttered, so you are not distracted and also helps you to be organized at work.

Besides, remember that you might have a video call or meeting and the space visible will say a lot about you. And be careful, because at any time you might have to change your camera perspective, so make sure that is not a scenography, but your real designated workplace.

  1. Make the most of this opportunity and change your spot

If you are working remotely, it means that you don’t have to me tied to the same chair every weekday. So use this chance to change your work place, experiment whenever you have the chance, and let the new space inspire you. Enjoy this freedom and let it influence your creativity.

  1. Take breaks and make sure you don’t overwork

Especially when you are a freelance, you are your own boss, and also the one who should know how much work you can assume and commit to do.

Workflow can change, and sometimes might be scary to say no to an offer. But we also must make sure we don’t overwork.

Therefore organize your agenda, plan your work within a reasonable schedule, and make it happen. This will also allow you to identify whether or not you have enough time for the next upcoming project, plan your holidays and even your personal time.

  1. Work on your communication skills

Not being sitting at the office means that all the information we have and give is via email, phone call or video call. That is why as a remote worker we should make sure we are very clear in our messages, and every part of the team and the project is aware of what is going on and has the same amount of information.

So to make your communication clear and fluent, make sure to use as many technological tools as possible. Share documents on Google Drive, use Trello to clarify which tasks need to be done, who is doing what and what is the situation in each one.