Tips for Business Travelers

tips business travelers

Tips: Business Travelers

Travelling can be an amazing experience but specially in our holidays break, but… what about our business trips? They can be so exciting as our leisure ones! The only thing you need a little bit of organization and time optimization. A little bit of help from our World Wide Team with their Tips for Business Travelers

If it is possible bring only a small suite case

To save some time the idea of bringing only one small suitecase is perfect! Develop a solid packing strategy.

Some ideas to get the perfect packing are:

  • Pack extra essentials: underwear, socks, shirts, clothes that match with one another.
  • Pack clothes that require one pair of shoes
  • Keep extra mouthwash and toothpaste and chargers for your laptop and cell phone in your carry-on bag.
  • Check the weather and pack a compact umbrella if its necessary.


Charge everything the night before you travel

Don’t wait until the last minute to charge your laptop or cellphone, although is changing  in most airports is difficult to find sockets (and usually they are being used by someone else).

Jet lag: what is your perfect cure?

If your changing time zones: try to sleep overnight and stay well hydrated during the flight. Avoid alcohol!

Another tip is trying to stay awake when you land and adapt your sleep routine to the new time zone. Some times

Melatonin can help!

Weather delay: be prepared!

If you know that weather can be a problem… Be ready to spend a night in the airport! Pack in your carry-on bag a a spare set of business attire just in case you need to go straight form the plane to a meeting!

Don’t forget to pack a  pocket-sized toothbrushes and facial wipes to freshen up.

Freshen up on a dime with pocket-sized toothbrushes and facial wipes.

Pack a back-up cell phone and laptop chargers on hand.

Pack always your cell phone and laptop charger and… a back-up!

Use a tennis ball to keep in long flights

Bring a tennis ball with you when you’re traveling, it’s great to roll under your feet and even under your thighs to keep you from getting stiff/sore. It’s small, inexpensive and easy to replace.