Where to work while traveling Where to work while traveling

Where to work while traveling

Where to work while traveling

Some people are lucky and their job allows them to travel the world while generating an income, others have to bring their work along with them to their holidays or have to find the way to keep being productive while they are in a Business trip. Regardless what your situation is, we understand you. It is nowhere close to easy to find the right place to stop, focus and be productive while traveling.

That is why today we bring you our favorite places to open our devices and tools, and create our own little traveling office.

Where to work while traveling

  1. The classic coffee shop

Coffee shops will usually provide you for all the basics you might need, a table, possibly a plug, WiFi and a nice drink. Make sure you bring along your earplugs, to either getaway from any distraction and interruptions or to hear better if you need to while you are working.

If you have to hold a conference call, try your best to propose a time that doesn’t coincide with the busy hours of the day. That way you will avoid crowds and noise.

  1. The Public Library

Unless your work agenda includes calls and online meetings, public libraries are a great solution to work while traveling. You have resources if you need to do research, more than enough silence to focus, plugs, good light and space to work, and an environment that will motivate you to work. You might not be able to eat snacks or order drinks, but you will for sure get your work done.

  1. Bookstores

If you are looking basically for a spot with good WiFi connection and some level of quietness, a bookstore will work. Some of them offer free Internet connection and will allow you to sit around for a while. Definitely not the best option to have a conference call, but it is a good place to have some work done and delivered.

  1. Use your hotel room or your Airbnb

If you are traveling on your own and you know you will have to get work done, an Airbnb is a perfect solution. Good Internet connection, freedom to talk and move around, and the comfort of “your own house”.

If are staying in a hotel, most likely in your room you will have anything you need.

We know that it can be a little claustrophobic sometimes, so whenever it’s possible, get out and experience one of our other options.

  1. Coworking space

This option will cost you some money but it is literally an office for you with extra services that are hard to find. A comfortable spot that is way more reliable than a coffee shop. If you know ahead that you will have a lot of important work to do and you can’t fail at finding an appropriate space to work and with good connection and resources, then maybe it will be a good idea to do some research on your next destination and find a convenient coworking space that will take your worries away. Once you get there, just find your desk, display your tools to work and get it done.

  1. Office Sublets

Another very reliable option but definitely pricier in general is to get an office sublet. An actual office with everything you might need way beyond the basics. This option is usually more convenient when you are staying for a longer period of time (but still temporarily), or you know that you will need extra services like a conference room, a waiting room or specific printing services.

Just make sure to get informed in advance, as some office sublets are only available if they are taken for a minimum of time that, might be a bit too long for you.