Ways to improve your productivity with digital tools Ways to improve your productivity with digital tools

Ways to improve your productivity with digital tools

Ways to improve your productivity with digital tools

Today we are always multitasking, the modern world demands us a high level of productivity and commitment.

Thanks to technology and new communication services, tasks that would take half of our work day can be done now within minutes, which also means that we are expected to get more done in less time and be on top of many more things than back in the day.

With so many things to keep in mind and achieve every day, it is extremely important to stay organized and make sure we are using all the possible resources to get our job done the best way possible.

If as we said, technological development is responsible for a big part of the tasks that we have to fulfill nowadays, it also has brought to our lives many digital tools that make our lives so much easier and help us stay on top of work and bring our productivity to the max.

To help you get your best results too, we are summarizing here our best advice to make the most out of your work hours using the help of the best digital tools.

Ways to improve your productivity with digital tools

  1. Unsubscribe from newsletters and junkmail.

First things first. You most likely begin your work day checking your email. Then you will agree with us that is both annoying and kind of overwhelming to see your mail full of unrequested mail and promotions. It also makes extremely difficult to choose the real important mails, as they can get lost in a see of newsletters.

To avoid that situation we highly recommend you to unsubscribe from newsletters instead of delete them one by one every time the come into your mail. To do so, there are a few digital tools that might make the process faster and more efficient. We recommend you to use unroll.me or any similar site to make your unsubscribing process easier.

  1. Don’t rely on your memory to keep track of everything that needs to be done.

It’s almost impossible to remember all the things that need to be done, at what point is each one at the moment, or who is responsible for what.

Using a project management or list tool, will make it way easier for you and will let you relax knowing that you are “keeping track” of everything.

There are great digital tools to help with all your projects management, but we highly recommend Trello, where you can create different projects, add people, and easily visualize what has to be done, what is in the process to get done and what is already finished.

You can share with the rest of the team in charge of each tasks documents and comments, and actually you can also use it for any personal projects too that you might have and want to stay on top of.

  1. Maximize your time, use the little empty moments.

There are many moments through the day that you can’t do much or you don’t have enough time to get any real things done, but yet you are there just hanging losing time not relaxing neither being productive.

Our suggestion is to use those moments to get small (but necessary) actions done.

Try Any.do or any similar digital tool, to list small stuff that needs to be done in those little minutes that you can grasp through the day, so when you have your free time you really disconnect.

  1. Focus

Interruptions are annoying and make our work slow and sometimes not as good as it could be. So set a timer of 25 minutes and commit to focus and ignore any outiside interruption. If you find it hard to do you can use “It’s focus time”. You will also find many online tools to help you shut your devices and social media for sometime to minimize the distractions.