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Do’s and don’ts of video conferencing from home

Do’s and don’ts of video conferencing from home


Technology has created new ways to make business, new ways to work. It’s not difficult nowadays to find offices in which some of the people in the team work from home, or simply are located in different countries. This is because today it is easier than ever to communicate. The options are endless: e-mails, calls, texts, and video conferences where we can see our interlocutor just as if we were sitting right next to each other, share our screen with the rest of the team or simply connect with our client in a fast and efficient way to clarify some concepts.


Working now is faster and more efficient than ever, but in order to use it to its full potential we should keep in mind some do’s and don’ts. These are some of our bests tips based on our experience.

First and foremost keep in mind that probably the most important thing is to focus on your video call. Just as much as you wouldn’t just neglect a person talking to you during a meeting and check your mail or browse for some stuff on the Internet, don’t do it during a videoconference, because even if they are not there, they can notice.


It is important as well to make sure all your settings are ready and working before you start your call. Check that the microphone works, that your camera is set correctly and that you are 100% ready to start and work. It sets a bad mood in everyone else when the whole team is ready and someone steals the first 5 minutes of the meeting trying to make the technology work.


Being ready also means you being ready to work, so create a setting that is a work-oriented environment. Do mind your background. People will be looking at that for as long as the conference goes, so make sure is clean, organized and that shares the image you want to project about the kind of professional you are.


The same goes for your outfit; remember to dress for work. It is really tempting to just wear some dressier clothes on the upper part of your body and stay in your pajamas, but sometimes you may have to stand up for some reason during the meeting and then that would be visible. That is an image we never want to project in the work environment. Wearing work clothes will also help with your mood. It will empower you and help you focus.


During the videoconference, remember to look straight at the camera and avoid looking at yourself, it’s the best way to connect with people. Also make sure before the call that the camera is at the height of your eyes and that it is at a flattering angle, otherwise you will feel awkward during the call when you see your image on the screen. If for some reason you are not using video image during the call, remember to introduce yourself before you talk so people know is you. Not all videoconference programs identify each individual during the call. This will ease the flow of the conversation.


Another important “do” to keep in mind is to turn your microphone off whenever you are not talking. This will help in two ways, you wont accidentally interrupt anybody during your call (some programs mute other people’s microphones when there’s sound coming from another one), and you will also be able to control what they hear during the call. Even with that said remember to never say or do anything you wouldn’t do in an actual meeting.