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How to use your smartphone camera to increase your productivity

We use our phone for many things related to our work but usually we use the camera to take pictures of friends and family and probably some selfies.

But… we can use our camera as a potent tool to increase our productivity.

Are you using your Smartphone camera to increase your productivity?


Nowdays we have thousand of “to-dos”and our busy life is not helping our memory, so let our smartphone help us!

Having a camera with us all day long in our phone will help us to save time and effort. But… how? Here are 10 tips to uses our smartphone cameras to increase our productity.

  1. Take pictures of whiteboards and notes of our meetings.


Sometimes taking notes in an Ipad or Labtop during a meeting is not easy, it makes everything slower and makes the meeting really impersonal. But we can write notes and after taking a picture.

Or if we have been in a meeting with several people we will have the opportunity to follow actively and when it is finish we can capture whiteboard scribbles.


  1. Help yourself to remember details


A picture usually it is much more clarifying than thousand words: for this notebook you need or the strange lightbulb in your office that you only need once every year: take a picture!

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  1. Your camera = your travel assistant


Take a picture where you park, receipts, luggage labels, hotel room number (yes, we have been in the “where is my room?” situation)… Also it is really usefull to capture business cards and post-its.

  1. Document scanner

If you are not using an app to scan your documents you should start right now: you can send PDF via your smartphone! This is especially helpful when you have hardcopy forms that you need to sign and then email.

Do you have any other use for your camera? Please, let us know!