Music to increase your concentration Music to increase your concentration

Music to increase your concentration


Music to increase your concentration

Music makes us company in every moment of our lives. We use it to relax, to enjoy a moment, to remember memories and to have fun and celebrate.  Music to increase your concentration.

Many people also choose music for more uncommon uses, like to fall asleep, meditate, read or focus at work.

You might think that music can be too distracting to be a concentration tool, but actually it is all about choosing the right music for the right task that we are going to be performing.

Music to increase your concentration


Music to increase your concentration

In fact, experts affirm that listening to music can cause:

Your brain to release dopamine, which brings you pleasure, and therefore can improve your mood.

Help you to be more present in the moment.

Increase of your productivity, since your concentration can be higher.

Enhance your efficiency when you are performing an activity that is more repetitive and automatic.

Boost your creativity.

Sounds fantastic, right? Well, in order to see some results, we need to remember to pay attention to genre we are choosing and the activity we will be working on.  To help, we are sharing with you the music types that you can use to help you activate your brain to an even higher level.

Classical Music

Not surprising, right? Probably amongst the most common music genres, this is the one that we connect the most to concentration and focus on an activity.

It is scientifically proven that classical music can be great to help you studying or working on a project.

Music that includes sounds of nature

It has recently been proven by the Reenselaer Polytechnic Institute that music work much better for our focus and mood when it includes sounds of nature.

Sounds of nature can imply intelligible speech like white noise does, while also boosting cognitive functioning, optimizing the ability to focus, and increasing the actual feeling of being working.

You can find plenty of online options to hear music based on water flowing, or mountain sounds.

Instrumental music, no lyrics

Sometimes while trying to focus on some task, you can find that the lyrics on the music you are listening to might be distracting.

That makes sense when we are doing something that involves us making decisions to solve a problem or high-level cognitive skills.

Therefore, keep this in mind when you are choosing your music to work. Regardless the style you choose, you can always find options with no lyrics that will help you focus, to get all the positive impact that music has in your brain and no negative distraction through the lyrics.

Songs with a specific tempo

According to this Canadian study, people perform tasks better while they car listening to up tempo music. If your job requires that kind of upbeat rhythm and attitude, you could try Barroque music to match that kind of activity.

On the other hand, to physically relax and reduce the feeling of stress, a lower beat will always work better. Try in this case to look for something under the 60 beats per minute.

Music that you enjoy

The joy that you get from listening to music that you like, is proven to have an impact on your brain function.

As we said before, music makes us release dopamine, so your mood is boosted and you get faster with the activity that you are performing, and so you become more productive.

Just remember to choose music that gets you in a good mood, and linked to positive situations, nothing that will bring complex memories that might distract you. Look for joy and you will get more productive.

So whatever your music choice is, make the experiment, observe your response, play with your brain a little and find the music that helps you the most.