Jobs for the Future Jobs for the Future

Jobs for the Future

Jobs for the Future

The future of our jobs are already starting to make our heads trash in anticipation. The boom in use of robotic technology will continue to phase out more and more jobs, leaving us with many people who won’t know what to do for work. But, the use of robotic tech will open up many doors to a larger variety jobs that will be more in demand, and will eventually be in the job market.

Innovation and technology are already surprising us in ways that we have only been able to image up until it happens, and it brings along a plethora of jobs that are equally as exciting.

Here are some of the more exciting jobs for future!

Jobs for the Future

  1. Organ/Body Part Creator

There is an ever growing list of people that need organ transplants and new body parts. Aside from this list, there is also an enormous, and extremely illegal, black market for selling organs and body parts. But with recent advances in technology, both of those are going to be tested and soon pushed out. Scientists can now grow organs and body parts in the lab!

It isn’t quite possible for a human to get body parts grown in a lab, yet; but this technology is growing fast and in the near future there will be a demand for this kind of job.

  1. Trash Engineer

Humans produce 2.6 billion pounds of trash every year. Our landfills are overflowing and the ocean has taken in too much of our plastic that is destroying the ecosystem. We are in the early stages of figuring out what to do with our trash, but in the future there will be a whole career dedicated to what we do with all the trash that we bring to the landfill. They’ll be able to figure out the best to cleanly dispose of our trash, and make sure that it doesn’t pollute everything!

Even though it may not be the most glamourous, or even a job that smells like a field of roses, it’s a job that will be of great impact to our future here on Earth and to our global economy.

  1. Commercial Space Pilot

Science fiction novels are starting to finally knock on our door. With the advancement of space travel, and the small beginnings of private space travel, there will be a need for a commercial space pilot. These pilots will get the formal training of an astronaut, but also receive the benefits of a regular pilot, just in space. Instead of these pilots having to fly across the world, they’ll be able to burst through the atmosphere and explore space.

These pilots will have the pleasure of being able to experience our moon, or even other planets when we can get that far with space travel. It’ll be a great job for somebody with a high sense of adventure!

  1. Alternative Energy Technician

Even though we already have this kind of job, it’s only going to become more and more important as we deplete our stores of fossil fuels; not to mention how our environment has reacted to our use of fossil fuels. We’re seeing shortages of fossil fuels already, and there has been a massive investment in the research and development of alternative energies. Because of all of this investment and innovation, alternative energies will need skilled and trained techs to create, install, and maintain these alternative energies.

Solar, wind, and hydroelectric energies are the big names in the alternative energy market, but they aren’t the only ones around. Biofuels are making massive impacts in the alternative energy arena. These will not only help save our planet from overheating, but they will also create more jobs for our future.