Is your costumer loyal during COVID-19 times Is your costumer loyal during COVID-19 times

Is your costumer loyal during COVID-19 times?

Is your costumer loyal during COVID-19 times

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business, so it’s likely you’re already devoting significant resources to maintaining your most valuable customers while using some budget to acquiring new ones. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you should be focusing on maintaining brand loyalty above generating new customers.

With that in mind, you want to focus on three things to increase brand loyalty during COVID-19:

  • Focusing on clear, empathetic, and useful messages for consumers.
  • Taking proactive steps in your actions and marketing.
  • Avoid going back to business as usual once the pandemic subsides.

Try personalized approaches

At brick and mortar stores, people would spend more time deciding what to buy, because they want to have a look first. But when shopping online, people tend to look for items they want to buy immediately. Therefore, personal approaches are needed to encourage customers to make purchases.

You can pull in consumer data to find those who checked your products on your website or through your social media ads. Then, you can display those products again on various web pages or via email.

Take proactive steps now to increase brand loyalty

If you run a fitness business, try offering a few of your classes online for free via video conferencing to build brand loyalty. Demonstrate the ways you are adhering and exceeding the CDC recommended steps to keep your consumers safe with messages directly related to your current customers via social media.

If you’re in food service, provide contactless delivery. Move all payments online to limit contact with customers. Demonstrate that you’re keeping your consumers in mind by keeping your messaging about the cleanliness of your restaurant or updates about policies you’re having your employees adopt. If you’re having your employees wear masks and gloves or are doing contactless delivery or takeout, let your loyal customers know.

If you feel like you can’t adequately keep your employees safe by staying open, make sure your messaging is about how you are temporarily closing in order to ensure the health and safety of your employees. Let your loyal customers know, if you’re capable, that you are still giving your employees their pay.

Create relevant & helpful content

People will be more interested in your brand if they can find something helpful from it. Therefore, don’t just focus on selling, but also on providing solutions. Increase engagement by sending your customers relevant and helpful articles. Conducting webinars is also worth trying.

Throughout this crisis, it is important to keep your customers’ immediate needs top of mind. Instead of attempting to continue with “business as usual,” modify your product and marketing strategy to reflect the current demand. When you provide value to your existing customers, you have a better chance of maintaining long-term relationships with them.