Gerard Fernández on the IoT in benefit of workers safety

ENGIDI is a startup, based in Barcelona, focused on wearable technology design and data management.

Gerard Fernandez, CEO & Co-Founder of ENGIDI, talked to us about the technological advances that will help companies reduce the danger at work and how they are facing the challenge of becoming world leaders for the digital transformation of Occupational Risk Prevention.


How does ENGIDI’s wearable technology help companies prevent occupational hazards?

There are two lines of action, the first one is real time, where we help to reduce reaction times in emergency situations and the second line is the digitalization of their risk prevention operations that helps them in decision making.

At ENGIDI we believe that the preventive culture of a company is a fundamental factor. Both employers and employees must be aware of the risks involved in doing their work and must have a good prevention policy. Our IoT platform also helps security managers to be more specific about the danger of a job, thanks to the data extracted from our devices, with the sole purpose of making quality decisions and therefore, reduce labor claims.

In addition, we believe that the employee, thanks to the use of these tools, opts for a more preventive attitude, is more efficient and feels more valued and respected by the employer.


In whichs ways and how quick do your clients see the results of applying IOT technology in their risk prevention strategy?

From the first day, we carry out accident simulations and they can see how we reduce those reaction times I was telling you about, it is very gratifying to see their reactions from the first moment we enter their workspaces.


In the innovative environment that surrounds you, what is your value proposition?

Our value proposition is for our customers to achieve safer, more efficient spaces while reducing operating costs.

Our big challenge is to materialize the concept of The Internet of Things in benefit of workers safety. As we do this, we further ensure that employee productivity and effectiveness increases.


In which markets are you operating and what is your growth expectation?

We think big and want to be leaders in the Oil/Gas vertical and critical infrastructures in Southern Europe by early 2022.

We have also recently strengthened our team in the United States. We are starting to collaborate with large companies that want to include technological innovation in all the processes of their company.


Why the United States?

Because of the culture of call to action towards innovation, they are less powerpoint and more testing in the field. Our Mediterranean culture is less evocative of innovation and makes things happen much more slowly. Of course, the concern for worker safety and reputation is very strong in the United States. Regardless of the size of the market, which is one of the most important in the world.


What has been Engidi’s experience so far working with inlea?

The experience has been fantastic, their involvement is maximum, they believe in the potential of Engidi’s solution and they push forward as one of the team.