Inlea’s last activities


November was a specially moved month for Inlea! We’ve been working in several of projects in different areas of our expertise!

inlea22@network BCN

As part of 22@ network BCN’s advisory committee we visited the new offices of AGBAR, where we were discussing with other members of the 22@ network BCN and members of the city hall about the possibilities and plans for this area of the city where we have our headquarters.

Also we visited the new offices of AGBAR based on the new strategies of recruitment and telecommuting that Inlea is already applying with a lot of our employees.

22@ is one of the most interesting areas in Barcelona for companies in IT and innovation, start-ups and headquarters for international companies such as Tesla, AirBnB or Amazon among others. 


School, Employment & Success

As a part of Femcat (Federació d’Empresaris de Catalunya) our CEO Xavier Simó participes in sesions in different schools that connects schools with companies.

In this case we went to Rubí, a small town nerby Barcelona, to help students to understand what to run a company means in XXI century.

Also, our CEO participated in Emparejados a program that supports the work placement for partners of international senior investigators who are settled in Barcelona. The purpose of Emparejados is to facilitate the search of employment for principal investigators’ partners since their employment status is a key factor that influences researcher’s final decision about accept a job offer. This program will increase the offer that the city’s research centers provide to attract international talent. In this way, research centers in Barcelona will be in a better position when competing with other world reference centers.


inleaIn both programs we are interested in communicate our main values: support to individuals to improve their careers and support their success giving them keys to understand the companies for students, and job ecosystem in Barcelona in case of Emparejados.

An intense November that gave us the opportunity again to help people and companies to succeed!