Inlea launches Inlea Legal, a new legal-tech-business firm

The beginning of the year has been busy as our expectations and predictions indicated. The latest big news: the merger with the law firm The Closing for the formation of INLEA LEGAL.

With the aim of providing legal services to emerging and innovative companies, INLEA LEGAL is established as a law firm that, when it comes to meeting the needs of its clients, does so with the help and experience of inlea’s other verticals: business, technology and human resources.

Already in 2016, the brazilian lawyer, Flavio Soares, partner at law firm Soares & Avila, specialized in computer law and intellectual and industrial property, formalized his participation in inlea as a partner to attend the legal requests of inlea clients.

Progressively, the joint work between Soares & Avila and The Closing, specialized in growth and innovation, led them to detect the need to incorporate experience in other key points in the life of a company: technology, business and human resources. The result: submitting a further merger to Inlea Holdings for the creation of INLEA LEGAL.

The merger allows us to expand our services to founders, start-ups, scale-ups and corporations that want to grow or internationalize their business as well as innovate through disruptive technologies.

Led by Carlos M. Lizán, as Partner, CEO and Head of Entrepreneurship, INLEA LEGAL is formed by Flavio A. Soares, Chairman and Head of ICT and International Department and Josep R. Novell, Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Department.