How to use Google Drive for Remote Teams How to use Google Drive for Remote Teams

How to use Google Drive for Remote Teams

How to use Google Drive for Remote Teams

Google has become a household name. Since it’s beginnings as a search engine, the company has slowly expanded its reach and encompassed some other aspects of technology. They have expanded themselves by creating apps that they provide for consumers that sign up for their service, all at no extra cost. Once you sign up and create an email account, you have access to the many different applications that they provide.

Google Drive is one of those tools. Google has come up with an array of tools and applications, similar to Microsoft Office, but at a much more affordable price point. Out of all the Google products that might be the most under utilized is Google Drive. This tool can make your remote team more connected than you think.

Here are some ways that Google Drive can help your remote team.

How to use Google Drive for Remote Teams

  1. Organization

First and foremost, if everyone on your team has a Google account and they’re not sharing documents between themselves on Google Drive, they are making a big mistake on being disorganized. With Google Drive, you have the ability to create, share, and edit different documents and folders with your team in real time. By creating different folders, and subfolders, in your drive, you have the ability to share all of your work with every person on your team much easier.

You can create a big main folder that everybody on the team has access to, and then divide the access to the different subfolders by which team member you share the folder with. This is a great base for keeping your team organized.

  1. Document Creation

With Google Drive, you don’t have to leave the application to create a new document. If you need to create a word document, a presentation, spreadsheet, or drawing you can do so right from the drive panel. This can make those online meetings much easier and more efficient. By having the ability to create a document right from Google Drive, you can make changes and updates in real time; which cuts down on the time that your team members would need to download, edit, and re-upload files.

Having the ability to create documents seamlessly at your fingertips is a great advantage over other document sharing software.

  1. Cloud Technology

If your working for a new company, or just trying to stay at a low cost with your current company, using Google Drive as your cloud storage is a great option. Just by being a Google user, you get 15gb of cloud storage after you make a Google account, for free. 15gb of storage may not be a very large amount of cloud storage for your new company, but it is a very welcoming start! Not having to foot the monthly cost of some other cloud storage companies, or getting a very small amount of free storage, Google Drive can give your team a great chance to start on the right foot. Of course, if you need more storage, your team has the option of buying more storage.

  1. Sharing

Besides being able to create documents seamlessly, sharing documents that you’ve already made is super simple with Google Drive. You can get different sharable links that you can send out to different team members and share individual documents with specific team members; or you can share everything with your team. Google Drive gives you different options for sharing your documents, which gives you and your team more control about what is being shared and what is not being shared.

These are just a few ways how Google Drive can be useful to your remote team.