How to stay productive all day long How to stay productive all day long

How to stay productive all day long

How to stay productive all day long

Uninspired, bored, overwhelmed… there are many reasons we tend to procrastinate at work and affect our productivity. Sometimes we don’t know why but we just can’t stay focused, and that creates more anxiety in us as we feel the pressure growing to do all the tasks that we know we have to achieve in the day.

So how do we keep our focus and boost our productivity to the max? Well there are many ways to achieve this, to be inspired and motivated to get things done and enjoy that reward feeling you have when you get things done.

Today we are sharing our 6 best tips to stay productive all day long; no matter what tasks you have at work.

How to stay productive all day long

  1. Have a healthy sleeping routine

Yes, it does mater, sleeping a good amount of hours does affect your productivity because it has an impact in your ability to focus. Your brain needs to rest for 7 to 9 hours a day according to the experts, to recharge and stay healthy and young.

If you have trouble sleeping, try to meditate or talk to your doctor, this is definitely something you want to take care of.

  1. Get physically active

Breathing fresh air, and get your body moving will help your mind clear out, take a break and focus on you and how you feel.

Sunlight is also necessary to boost your energy and your mood, especially if you work in a dark space with mainly artificial light. When you get back to work after doing some outdoor exercise you will definitely notice your energy levels high and your motivation ready to go.

  1. Get organized

You need to have a good perspective of everything that you need to get done in order to prioritize and be productive.

So write your tasks for the day, classify your emails by relevance and see what things in your list can be connected to go faster and avoid unnecessary work and make sure that the things that really need to be done by the end of the day are crossed from your list before you leave the office.

  1. Avoid using social media

Unless your work requires it, social media will just become a rabbit’s hole that sucks you in. Our advice is to avoid it around you when you are at work, keep them off of your computer and if possible shut them down on your phone when you are at work. You might allow yourself to check it at some point during the day, but make sure to be conscious about when and for how long you do it.

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed, break down the big tasks

We all have big tasks that might feel like a mountain of work falling on us. Don’t let that overwhelm you; instead, use those to help you stay motivated. If you break them down into smaller ones that you can cross from your daily list once you get them done, they will help you feel good about yourself and your productivity and push you forward instead of freezing you.

  1. Create your own productive bubble

When we are working with more people around us, it can be distracting and even get on our nerves sometimes as we try to focus. So it is important to create our own productive work bubble, where we keep our stuff organized and clean so it is visually inviting for work, and also use as many resources as possible to evade ourselves from any noises or distracting conversations that might take place around us.

A good option is using headphones and listening to some concentration music. If you don’t feel like working with music you can always use noise-cancelling headphones to help you avoid distractions.