The future of Artificial Intelligence and its relationship with Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already impacting our daily life in numerous ways. We have normalized coexistence with new technologies and on many occasions we are not aware of their impact.

Facial recognition, the famous social media algorithms or automated categorization, are some examples of the many applications that Artificial Intelligence has.

In this article we have focused on the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing and the implications the use of these tools can have for a company.

At inlea we have seen a growing demand from our clients to incorporate these technologies into their decision making processes. And not only do we see it; According to the magazine Business Insider, 50% of Marketing professionals currently use Artificial Intelligence in their strategy, while another 27% intend to incorporate it soon.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Arificial Intelligence is used to refer to machines that mimic human behavior. The combination of algorithms allows machines to mimic human cognitive functions.

Likewise, AI groups together different technologies such as machine learning and deep learning. It is important to know these terms well to better understand the implications of AI.

  • Machine Learning:technology that aims for computers to have the ability to learn on their own through Big Data.
  • Deep Learning:technology that aims to build multiple layers of data abstraction for decision making. This technology seeks to imitate the human mind as much as possible.


Application of AI in Digital Marketing

The applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing are present throughout all Digital Marketing processes, from content creation to analysis and decision-making.

Some examples of these applications are:

1. Personalized Content

AI ​​can train the engines to deliver highly personalized content and therefore more attractive thanks to the knowledge of the preferences of our users.

2. Email marketing

Thanks to natural language processing, AI can generate email subjects or text body that obtain better results than those devised by humans.

3. Voice Search

Alexa, Siri or Google Home are the most popular voice search engines at the moment. There are many users of these search engines who have changed their way of searching when communicating orally with a robot, therefore companies must adapt and use a content oriented to Voice Search.

4. Advertising campaigns

AI algorithms can help predict purchase actions of our users and their future activities with great precision. Consequently, we will be able to create advertising campaigns that obtain better results.

5. Chatbots

AI can be applied in different fields to create Chatbot algorithms and detect conversations by mimicking human conversation. Chatbots are increasingly needed to provide uninterrupted and responsive customer service.

6. Data Driven Marketing

AI has become a great ally in the journey of a Marketing professional by improving their skills in analysis and decision-making through all the data obtained from our users.


Benefits of applying AI

The companies that apply AI in their Digital Marketing processes coincide in confirming the same benefits. AI brings:

  • higher user participation
  • increase in sales and revenue
  • more customer conversions
  • and faster and more efficient processes

Likewise, data extraction allows companies to automate and optimize their processes to consequently take advantage of this information to discover patterns of behavior that help make better decisions.


Are you interested in applying Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Marketing processes of your company? Contact us to discover which AI applications can improve the efficiency and results of your Marketing campaigns.