Enjoy your summer vacation Enjoy your summer vacation

Enjoy your summer vacation

Enjoy your summer vacation

Through out the year, we work really hard to give our best personal and professional results, but that is exhausting, so vacations are extremely needed for all of us, not just because we need to rest physically and mentally, but because it is proven to have a great impact in our productivity too.

Every country and every company is different when it comes to how paid vacations and break time works, but we must always make sure that we take that time off and so does our team.

Many people think that they are proving their commitment to their job by never taking a break, but the truth is that that anxiety and stress affects both to their individual productivity and the results of their team.

So today we want to talk about some important things to keep in mind to make sure we enjoy our summer vacation.

Enjoy your summer vacation

Enjoy your summer vacation

Probably the biggest thing that people don’t usually mention is that we should do is to live our vacation by our own rules. What we mean by this is, don’t let the pressure of what vacation should look like take over what you actually need for yourself. If what you want right now is to use your days off to just chill at home, then enjoy your staycation and have fun going to local places, sharing time with the people you love and just resting at home. If what you need is get lost on your own in some hidden corner in the world, by all means do it. Live the vacation your body and your mind need.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your summer vacation, make sure you will be relaxed, avoid any unpleasant surprises that might kill your vibe.  So if you are travelling make your research and find information about the places you are planning to go, see what other people had to say about them. If you are staying in your area, make sure this time off is going to be for you, to enjoy and so avoid unpleasant visits, or troubles that might suck in your relaxing time.

And speaking of it… relax! But how? Well, by actually being intentional, and don’t worry, you can still be productive (if that is what you want) and relax at the same time, just make sure that those things you decide that you want to do during these days are things that actually are going to bring you pleasure and peace. And also, if they don’t happen, oh well! That’s ok too. Just don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself and just have fun doing what you want to do.

In order to help yourself relax, you can always join a new activity that would give you that kind of peace. Trying yoga, meditation or even a creative hobby like making pottery might help you connect with yourself and could also become part of your life after the vacations are over.

But all of the above won’t be possible if we don’t really disconnect and leave work behind.

To do so, we really recommend to get prepared a few weeks in advance and make sure that all your responsibilities are covered, and everyone knows what to do in case of a problem raises up. Don’t leave anything half done because chances are that it will hunt you all throughout your vacation. And once you left everything under control and your days off start, turn your work head off and don’t go crazy checking emails or picking up the phone. Actually, set an automatic response to your email saying until when you will be out of the office and the contact person that they should reach while you are on vacation.

This time is for you and just you. Take it, enjoy it and after that go back to work full of energy.