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Empathy Towards Businesspeople


Today, Inlea’s CEO, Xavier Simó, has visited Sant Gabriel de Viladecans Vocational Training Centre and has given a talk for pupils that study Business & Entrepreneurship and Training & Career Counseling.

Xavier has collaborated with the FemCAT Foundation (Catalunya’s Businesspeople Foundation) for years now. He is part of a program called “School and Business”. The program puts business CEOs in touch with students so that they can talk and think about the role of businesspeople and businesses have in society. The objective is for the students to end up getting a different impression from businesspeople and businesses. Xavier chooses to visit vocational training centres around the metropolitan area of Barcelona twice a year as the students in these areas seem to feel particularly out of touch with the business mentality because their experiences do not allow them to feel empathy towards businesspeople, and he says to feel the challenge to get them to understand businesspeople within the space of half an hour.

We would like to thank the Sant Gabriel de Vildecans staff and students for accommodating our CEO and the FemCAT Foundation for making this happen. We look forward to giving many more talks in the future!