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It’s Easter! – Here are some worldwide Easter traditions


A well known Easter tradition consists in hiding eggs and candy around the house and garden for children to look for and find in the belief that the “Easter bunny” has hidden them comes from Germany, where rabbits and eggs symbolize fertility and rebirth. However, you’d be surprised to know how other countries celebrate Easter. Here are a few:

1- Poland

We have a Polish team member at our headquarters, Barbara, and she has told us that in Poland it is a tradition for men to throw water on women on Easter Monday, followed by women doing the same to men on Easter Tuesday. The tradition symbolizes the baptism of Mieszko I, the Duke of Poland in 966 AD, when he united all of Poland under the banner of Christianity.

2- Norway

Surprisingly, in Norway it is a tradition to read crime novels during Easter. This tradition is said to have started in 1923 when a book publisher advertised their new crime novel on the front pages of newspaper on Easter. The ads look so much like normal news that people weren’t able to tell they were advertisements and believed they were real news. Reading crime novels in Norway is so popular that publishers actually publish special Easter thrillers known as Paaskekrimmen.

3- Israel

Taking place in the city where it is believed Jesus was crucified, Christians celebrate Good Friday by walking the same path Jesus did on the day he was nailed to the cross. Taking note of his pain that fateful day, some of those who participate carry a cross with them in remembrance. On Easter Sunday, many pilgrims attend a church service at Garden Tomb—the area that it is believed Jesus was buried.