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Barcelona: The best place to be if you’re into technology

Barcelona has many characteristics that are making it increasingly attractive for entrepreneurs and quickly positioning the city into a European startup & innovation city. It is also believe that Barcelona could be the next Silicon Valley.

Compared to other European innovation hubs like London, Barcelona is affordable, making it a better location for young companies to start their innovative projects. Salaries are lower, but the range of talented people is just the same as in other cities.


Apart from lower living costs, the lifestyle of Barcelona is one of the reasons as well why entrepreneurs want to move here. Long day of work and stress here can be balanced with a relaxing time drinking cava or beer at a local bar. Sunny days, you may think that this has nothing to do with the topic, but guess what? Sun makes people happier, it increases positivity and motivation to do things, while everything is less stressful and friendlier. 

Did you know that there’s an entire district in the city dedicated to innovation and technological development?

The old industrial area of Poblenou was transformed into an urban centre of innovation and technology called the 22@ Barcelona Innovation District.

The massive development zone comprises the entire south-eastern quadrant of the city, and is meant to become a home to knowledge related to new technology and business. The district attracts startups that open their offices here, as well as co-working spaces and other services. It’s basically a city within a city, where the most innovative companies co-exist with research, training and tech transfer centres, as well as housing, facilities and green areas. Can you even conceive of a better place to build your tech career?

Barcelona might still be in its infancy as a tech innovation hub compared to the heroes like Silicon Valley and London, but you have to agree that there is a lot going for it. There are many entrepreneurial movements and support systems being developed, that pretty soon startups will be fighting over who can get there first. So if you feel that your startup has what it takes, what are you waiting for?