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Apps to increase your productivity

With the advances made in mobile technology over the last few years and greater reliance on remote working, many businesses use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to help them in managing their operations.

Generally speaking, the days of relying on a PC to do everything are over you can do it all from apps!

When you’re running about in meetings all day, have hundreds of emails to read, and must meet tight deadlines, the attraction of mobile is undeniable.

Apps, in particular, are changing the way we live and work in so many different ways. And if you download the right apps to fit your business needs, then you can easily improve productivity. There’s an app for almost every task and area!


Here are five of apps that increase productivity at work:


As this app’s elephant head logo suggests, it’s there to help you never forget important information such as websites, documents, images, itineraries, maps and lists. If you have five to six daily meetings like Evernote is a lifesaver!


Communication is key to the success of any company, no matter the size. Slack facilitates this communication in an easy-to-use platform. Along with multiple “channels” that allow you to organize conversations in a message-forum format, the app has direct messaging, video calling, file sharing, notifications and archiving capabilities.


Diary clashes are annoying but pretty common in the business world. This is where Doodle comes into the picture. It’s an app that helps you streamline meetings and stay productive. How does it work? You sign in, set up an event and suggest times to your colleagues.

They then choose the times that work for them, and the app tries to find the best slot for everyone. What’s great is that your colleagues don’t even need to be signed up to the app in order to participate.


Box, a cloud-based file-sharing platform, has taken the benefits of other similar services and removed their drawbacks. Users can store and share files with each other within organizations, allowing for instant file transfers.

Box also allows users to comment on and edit files, making collaboration on projects a breeze. It works with thousands of apps, allowing users to easily move files from one platform to another.

Perhaps most important, the platform’s security features, such as encryption-key management, will keep your data safe.


Notion uses artificial intelligence to help make sense of your email inbox. Notion’s algorithms take into account your email history, learning which messages are important and highlighting them in your inbox for easy reference, while a Radar feature zeroes in on messages that could use urgent replies for maximum productivity.

Try a few of these and let us know how they helped you!

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