tips-to-nail-video-conference-interview tips-to-nail-video-conference-interview

5 Tips to nail a video conference interview


Times are moving towards digitalization more than ever, this means that an increasing number of recruiters are choosing to carry out video conference interviews as opposed to the good old face-to-face method in order to simplify candidate screening and make the interview process more cost-effective.
Here are five tips to help you successfully carry out a video conference interview:
1-  Test, test, test!
Each company uses different video platforms to carry out interviews. Test links, make sure you have the right plug-ins downloaded, figure out which browsers are supported, etc., you want to have the optimal infrastructure for the platform. Make sure you leave enough time to do this and to fix anything you need to. Ideally, get started 24 hours before your call so you can ask your recruiter or the firm’s hiring manager for help if anything doesn’t work. Also make sure you check your audio, video and internet connection prior to the interview.
2- Pick a well lit, distraction free background
Think of the interview as a show and you’re the star. You want to be the main focus, so make sure you choose a clean, simple background to avoid the recruiter from getting distracted. Also check that you have the right lighting so the recruiter can see you properly and make sure you avoid windows and walls full of pictures or posters. Clear all books and clutter off your desk — basically, you want to eliminate anything that could draw the interviewer’s attention away from you.
3- Practice your answers
Part of being prepared for an interview is making sure you do your research, have a good understanding of the company and that you’ve read the job description a few times so that you know what they’re looking for and how you can give them what they need. If you have done this, there will be a bunch of questions you almost certainly know you will be asked, so it is important to practice your answers, if possible, do this out loud and correct yourself enough times for it to be a natural response when the interviewer asks you the questions.
4- Eye contact!
Eye contact is a key element in a good interview. It is always easier to achieve in a face-to-face interview. In the case of a video interview, to give the interviewer the feeling you’re looking right into his or her eyes, you must look directly into the camera, not at the image of the interviewer on your screen. You may need to practice this first as it is easy to unintentionally end up looking at the screen and not at the camera.
5-  Keep your body language open
It’s fine to gesture while you speak, but be careful to keep your hand movements contained and within the video frame, and be aware that your gestures aren’t always going to translate over video the same way they would in person.

It’s also crucial to maintain a pleasant facial expression during the interview. You’re creating an image of yourself as soon as you turn on your camera, you want the person to like you and hire you, so smile! If you look frozen or scared for your life, why would they hire you?