4 Reasons Why USA Should Be Your Market, Again

In recent years, the United States has become the cradle of technology, innovation and talent.

Yesterday, Joe Biden was named the 46th President of the United States. His speech expressed the return to stability, something this great country has represented during the last 150 years. So he called for unity to face the country’s new challenges: the pandemic, the climate change and the economical and political crisis. 

These are the 4 reasons why now is a good time to enter the United States market: 


During the next 2 years, the President, the Congress and the Senate will be governed by the same political party. This means that there will be enough stability to take measures to reactivate the economy, renovate the energetic sector and overcome the healthy crisis. 


Since the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine and Biden’s victory in the presidential elections of November, Dow Jones hasn’t stopped rising, and after the appointment of the new president, it continued to rise. So the markets have positively received the arrival of a new leadership in the White House, and therefore, they are a sign of confidence in the expected political stability.


The long-awaited measures against climate change that Biden has promised during his electoral campaign, should generate new opportunities for the energetic sector and therefore a commitment for the new technologies and solutions to reduce the pollution. Therefore, batteries, electric vehicles, consumption and energy reducers, etc… will have a potential growth.

The pandemic has reinforced and introduced digitalization. The first affected sector is and will be the financial one, and for this reason the SEC is regulating the use of digital assets, that will cause the growth of the fintech sector. And finally, the recent federal regulation of cannabis that will provoke a whole series of internal states measures that will favor its application in multiple sectors, causing a new market in growth. 


Kamala Harris is the new Vice President of the United States. She is a woman with Indian-origin. So the diversity and the multiculturalism of the country will once again be its flag to attract the world’s talent.

Therefore, as President Biden said: “We can define America in one word: possibilities”. So we have to go find them.