3-easywways-to-help-the-environment 3-easywways-to-help-the-environment

3 Easy ways to help the environment


With Earth Day being celebrated last Saturday, we would like to share 3 easy ways you can contribute to help the environment:

1- Cut down on your car use

An increasing number of people continue to reduce the amount of driving they do. While many people make that choice to save money or to get fit, it’s also a great way to reduce the amount of dangerous greenhouse gases (which are largely responsible for climate change) we release into the environment. Ways to cut down on driving include substituting it for cycling, walking, using public transportation or car sharing.

2- Reduce food waste

The global amount of food waste we produce yearly is more than enough to feed nearly 1 billion hungry people in the world, but instead of filling hungry stomachs, that food ends up in landfills and eventually turns into destructive greenhouse gas methane. Luckily there are many easy ways to be more careful about our consumption and reduce the amount of food waste we produce on a daily basis. A smart way to reduce your household food waste is through keeping track of the trash: take notice of the food you throw away weekly and tweak your shopping list to buy less of the products you chuck out.

3- Think about the environment when shopping

Experts say consumerism contributes to climate change by using up the material resources used to produce new goods, destroying ecosystems, and generating tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases when those goods are transported around the world. “Green purchasing,” on the other hand, means making decisions with the environment in mind, whether at the mall or the supermarket. It’s all about the little things, like checking for labels that say “recycled”. A great and easy way to consider the environment when shopping is bringing your own bag as opposed to using supermarket bags.