Relax during your summer vacation Relax during your summer vacation

Relax during your summer vacation

Relax during your summer vacation

Taking a break is necessary, and that is the whole point of summer vacation, to take the time to relax and charge our batteries to give our best when we go back to work.

But is summer vacation always a synonym of relax? Not always we feel like we actually disconnect and live in the moment. Technology keeps us sometimes way too informed and way too reachable, and it can be hard to forget about our personal and professional worries even when we are with our feet refreshing in the water.

So today we want to share our best pieces of advice to make sure you too relax this summer before you go back to action. So lay down, get confortable and read below.

Relax during your summer vacation

  1. Get on the right mindset

In order to relax you have to actually want to relax, so before you get your time off, get ready to let things go and leave your everyday worries behind. If you have a hard time doing so, take a little time everyday before your holidays start to meditate or practice some time off so you are ready for your vacation.

  1. Make sure to share the work

Even during the summer break, there are still things to do, so get everyone involved and share them with your partner and even your kids. This could also become a good healthy routine after summer is over so all the daily tasks are better distributed.

  1. Shut down technology

Definitely necessary. Identify what technology is consuming you the most time and energy, what brings back to your head the most worries and shut those down. You might not be able to get rid of your phone for different reasons, but you can ration out the number of times you check those and when.

If you choose to use technology make sure it still allows you to live the moment and enjoy your vacation.

  1. Sleep as much as you need

During the year is hard to find the time to sleep as much as we actually need. Although this obviously affects our productivity, it is also true that not always we can afford to have a good long sleep. So take the chance during this summer vacation to sleep way passed your usual wake up time, take a nap or go early to bed. Your body and your mind will definitely thank you.

  1. Enjoy vacation food and still, stay healthy

Summer is meant to recharge our energy and get back in harmony with our bodies, so enjoy all the healthy possibilities summer brings: fruits, juices, fresh salads… but still, enjoy summer treats (ice-cream anyone?) and if you are travelling, definitely jump in and enjoy the local foods. Find the pleasure in balance and just enjoy!

  1. Do that thing you really want to do

No excuses, this summer vacation you have the time to do that thing that has been hanging around in your mind for a while. Whether it is a creative project, a fun experience or just reading some specific book, do that thing you want to do just for you.

  1. Don’t put pressure on you, it’s vacation!

We might sometimes make huge lists of everything that we want to get done during our summer break, but don’t go crazy with that. It is not about putting more pressure on your shoulders, so relax and don’t try to over-achieve anything, if you didn’t visit that one more place in during your summer trip or you didn’t clean the basement, it’s ok. You can’t do wrong during your vacations, so relax and enjoy!!