New Year, New Resolutions. Letter from Xavier Simó

Xavier Simó, President of inlea:

As the end of a very difficult year comes, is the time to prepare for 2021 – a very exciting and with enormous expectations. In order to meet them, these are my new year resolutions that I hope to fulfill to balance the personal effort and grow my business, with the maintenance of my mental and physical health. I hope they serve you too.

1. I should breathe more and better

This last quarter of the year it has been a race. I have had meetings at all hours because everything was “urgent”, and it was thanks to meeting Chris Rynning and his Re / Mind project, which promotes at least one breathing exercise a day, that I realized that you have to find space to stop, breathe, relax your body and mind, and continue again. I suggest doing it because it will spectacularly increase your effectiveness.

2. I should listen more and speak less

When you run a company, a department or a team, you tend to give your opinion (or send orders) continuously because you see defects, difficulties, news, etc. and you want your team not to lose focus, not get lost or obtain better results. However, I must recommend that you listen more (filtering and contrasting everything, of course) to have the widest 360º vision possible. And do the same in your home. Try to have dinner with the whole family together without television or mobile phones, and let them explain what happened to them, what will happen to them, etc. You start by talking about an exam and you end up talking about love, aspirations, wishes and hopes.

3. I should connect more with my environment

For years I have collaborated as a volunteer with the FemCat Foundation and its Escola i Empresa program, where I go to vocational training institutions to make the figure of the entrepreneur known. It is a win2win relationship. I think I give them a different vision of a company, and at the same time, I “go back” to learn some new things and some basic ones. So, if you can volunteer at something that satisfies you this coming year, don’t hesitate, do it.

4. I should delegate more to the team

When you are in charge of a company or department, you tend to always look towards the future and towards your customers and suppliers, and you tend to forget that you have a team that is there to help your company, but also to help you. So, I recommend that you delegate, but keep track of what you delegate. Delegating is not transferring to your team what you don’t want to do.

5. I should constantly promote my company

I have such a tight schedule; I review so many projects and answer so many calls that I forget to publicize what we do in inlea. So, I must dedicate more time to promoting our work, as this is how I force myself to verify that we are following the objectives set. Therefore, I suggest promoting yourself and promote your company regularly and constantly.