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Sales Checklist

A sales manager needs to adhere to a standard process as it relates to scaling an inside sales organization.

Focusing on the rhythm as it relates to managing the processes, people, metrics and reporting in an inside sales organization is key to success.  Below are individual items aimed at providing a checklist of activities that should be completed in order to ensure a properly run sales organization.


Check In On Overall Team Goals

You can’t make significant progress on your goals if you aren’t mindful of them. Keep a running log of your sales team’s goals within arm’s reach at all times. The first thing you should do every single morning is review these goals, update your progress, and consider new ways to improve over the preceding day’s numbers. By keeping a close eye on your weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals, you ensure you never get far off track. I recommend using a daily reporting dashboard to help you update and chart your progress.

People Management

Management for the inside sales manager of individual personnel requires a thorough feedback process.  This is where reprimand or praise is applied when necessary and the opportunity to redirect salespeople is available.  The manager needs to check in with personnel to review the daily plan, provide prior day review of sales and prospecting activities, and offer feedback via solutions to potential impediments.

Product Training

Product training occurs on a weekly basis with the end goal of positioning salespeople to be not only more knowledgeable but also more confident.  Examples of product training techniques include:

  • Individual training on cases/scenarios of the product.
  • Product focused pitch training. This should focus on the individual product and the facets required to pitch it successfully.
  • Detailed explanation of the product features and benefits.
  • Training on competitive advantages and position in the marketplace.  Specific information should be provided including competitors and their products as well as historical references.
  • Discussion of user reviews with specific examples as well as a global point of view.


An executive review of team metrics must occur every week.  During this time the manager must be prepared to report and discuss all necessary metrics with executive management and provide any necessary supporting information on the team, process, product, and marketplace.