Inlea promotes the first Blockchain Accelerator

We are proud to share that Inlea has joined forces with the Silicon Valley company Proteum to promote the first transnational blockchain accelerator program: ProteumX. This accelerator project is the bridge between blockchain companies in the US and Europe, through the connection Barcelona-San Francisco.

ProteumX has just opened in Barcelona and is going to select 4-8 European companies as the first ones to be in the accelerator. ProteumX is offering a customize program for each company to accelerate and improve its minimum valuable product (mvp) and to adjust the legal framework of the project for the most successful business strategy.

The ProteumX’s investment strategy invites local and international investors to co-invest in the different status of each company and ProteumX leads a specific STO for each one.

The ProteumX’s partners are a complete and diverse group of entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers and technician, specialized in blockchain and international projects. The ProteumX’s model secures the legal framework, increases technological effectiveness and reduces the risk of investment.