How Blockchain and IoT mean an improvement for the world

The world is undergoing a multitude of changes since the advent of blockchain and IoT as they can make all data and files that require greater privacy, from healthcare to finance, more secure and reliable. This is because IoT devices can be connected to a blockchain, which is trained and designed to protect that data. 

If you want to know how to benefit from and use blockchain and IoT technology, this article is for you. 

SSI Security

Thanks to the SSI protocol, it is possible to verify that the owner and the person issuing them are the same person. These security guarantees are becoming more and more valuable to users as people increasingly value their privacy on the web, and the security filter includes proofs made by the owner of that identity. 

Blockchain SSI Security

The SSI model allows devices to verify that their owners are the same person who issued them. This ensures the privacy and security of the statements. Verifiable credentials are cryptographically signed. They include a set of assertions or proofs created by the identity owner. The issuer can choose which parts of the credential to share with the verifier. A verifier can then instantly verify the data without contacting the issuer.

The SSI model has numerous applications and is expected to evolve in the coming years. Since it is also a powerful tool for fraud detection and security.

Password fatigue

SSI also helps reduce the fatigue of remembering a multitude of passwords, which can lead to weak passwords. In addition, SSI allows owners to decide what data they want to share and where, making it more inaccessible to hackers. 

SSI can also be implemented with a permission-based blockchain for healthcare. When using permission-based blockchain, the network excludes who can participate at the healthcare level and who cannot. In addition to protecting the privacy of IoT devices.

Smart payments with blockchain

Blockchain can transform finance by making payments smart and secure. The more online transactions increase, the more data is generated, and tracking customer data is really important for businesses. Combining machine learning and smart devices can mean improved financial transactions while increasing the security of customer accounts.

The automation of the Financial sector has promoted a large number of innovations, such as biometric solutions. These use information such as fingerprints or iris scans to ensure the validity of a person’s identity.  This reduces the margin of error when making transactions.

Streamlining processes

Blockchain technology can help businesses use blockchain-based smart payments to streamline processes and improve efficiency. The technology has been used by various industries, including the automotive industry. In the future, blockchain can act as a central public ledger for millions of connected devices. With this, businesses can eliminate the need for centralized hubs for data and information.


Blockchain is also being used in the manufacturing industry. More and more companies are using blockchain to better interact with suppliers and to reduce transaction times.

Public Utilities

Managing public services can also improve with blockchain, because it can improve the transparency and accountability between government and people. Some governments, like Sweden, are now testing the benefit of blockchain for their industries. By exploring smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Final conclusion

Blockchain and IoT are changing the world and have a lot of potential to improve the security and reliability of everything from education and finance to healthcare. 

Those mentioned above are just some of the possibilities that blockchain and IoT have, more ways of using them will come as this technology develops.