Employer Branding: The key to talent

Jordi Ginestá, inlea’s EMEAR HR Team Leader:

The evolution of personnel selection process has been a subject of great interest, especially with the irruption of the new technologies. All the advances have led to changes in the evolution of recruitment that forces companies to adapt to find the ideal candidate. Actually, in the middle of the digital age, the new technologies have revolutionized the selection processes, leading to recruitment 4.0

The recruitment 4.0 provides enormous communication facilities and seeks to enhance both the corporate brand image and the candidate itself. In the presence of this evolution, two new trends emerge: the Employer Branding and the Personal Branding. The companies as well as the candidates are becoming more demanding, since the last ones are not satisfied only with good working conditions, they look for challenging projects and perceive the company as a positive and efficient environment to work. In this sense, Employer Branding is gaining more and more prominence.

The reputation of the companies is directly related with the recruitment and retention of the best talents. A good example is the case of Cisco Systems, who this last year has achieved the first prize in four categories of the 2020 Rally® Awards, highlighting the Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign, and being named the World’s Best Workplace. Cisco is aware that to increase the effectiveness of the business brand it is necessary to involve employees in the strategy. For this reason, they decided to give the employees their own voice, bigger and better focused that has enabled Cisco to build the brand as an employer around two important issues: trust and authenticity.

There are numerous strategies that can be adopted to enhance the business brand, and in inlea we know clearly that the first step of the good treatment of the human team is to project a positive image both internally and externally. Likewise, we recommend paying special attention to the image that is transmitted on the social networks and the information that is shared by employees. This image must be honest and transparent, as well as being part of the pillars and values of the company.

The competition for talent is increasing and companies must focus on those aspects that make them more attractive for the potential candidates. From inlea, we always recommend and help our clients to implement an adequate Employer Branding strategy, since it allows obtaining almost double the number of job applications compared to other organizations. Therefore, HR professionals must maximize the corporate brand to attract the best talent and retain it within the organization.