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3 Tips For Business Travels


In this ever changing, growing and digitalized economy, business travelers are no longer suited-up, briefcase-carrying, serious individuals. As more Millennials enter the workforce and more businesses choose to conduct business face-to-face, there’s all types of business travellers out there.

Recent polls show that Millennials are twice as likely to seek business trips as opposed to the Baby Boomer generation, and the travel industry is taking note. There are an emerging number of apps that are specifically targeted to cater for the needs of business travelers as well as travel programs being rolled out to help ease the boarding and security processes as well as to assist travelers avoid delays.

Here are a three tips for business travel:

1- Download a flight tracking app

Flight tracking apps can be very useful when you want to stay up to date with the status of your flight and be aware of any possible delays to save time. FlightTrack 5, available on both Android and iOS at $4.99 is particularly useful, as you can use it whilst connected to the internet as well as whilst offline. The offline feature even lets you receive updates regarding delays, gates and cancellations in over 3,000 airports.

2- Beware of wrinkled shirts!

Minimize wrinkling by packing shirts in dry cleaner bags. As soon as you arrive to your hotel, take them out of the suitcase, out of the dry cleaner bag, hang them in the bathroom and turn the hot water in the shower on. This will erase any wrinkle that may have formed and leave your business clothes just as if they had been steam pressed.

3- Fully charge all your electronic devices the night before your travels.

Fully charge all the devices you plan on using during the journey to your destination and at your destination (phone, laptop, portable music player, etc.) to ensure you will be able to use it all during your journey, you don’t want your laptop dying mid-flight, especially if you need to work on your way to your destination or need to read up on important documents to prepare for the meetings you will be having.